The wines of Burgundy, 13th edition, Version anglaise / English version
Collection Pierre Poupon
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Pierre Poupon
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The wines of Burgundy, 13th edition

Version anglaise / English version

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Collection Pierre Poupon

Pierre Poupon


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Language : English

14 editions in French, 13 in English, 5 in German, 2 in Japanese, 1 in Korean, 2 edition in Chinese. "Les Vins de Bourgogne" is a best seller with over 200,000 copies sold.

A mine of information and an indispensable working tool for both professionals (négociants, growers, brokers, importers, distributors, sommeliers) and amateur wine-lovers. Neither touristic nor promotional in intent, it brings together all the essential facts about the wines of Burgundy - areas of production, grape varieties, methods of wine-making, appellations, legislation, and marketing. Frequent new editions, regularly up-dated, mean that users can count on information of a completeness and accuracy not equalled in any other work of this kind. Burgundian owner-growers and négociant-éleveurs alike recommend it as the best possible guide to its subject.
As an initiation into wine-growing and wine-making Burgundy, and as a reference source, the manual can be consulted any time, anywhere: in the office, while travelling, in the wine-cellar or in the vineyard.

362 pages, 110 appellations presented in tech sheets, 8 color maps of the region's vineyards, 57 color maps of the appellations, 30 tables and charts

Summary :
The vineyards of Burgundy (Burgundy & Beaujolais)
Agents of quality : Grape Varieties, Terroirs and Climate
The Vine and Vineyard Work
Wine and Vinification
The appellation d'origine contrôlées
The Characteristics of the Appellations
Production & Commercialization
Wine and Food
Wine Festivals

The indispensable reference for amateurs, students, and professionals...
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