The Wolves Rise Again, New elites born out of chaos
Dominique Martin Morin
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The Wolves Rise Again

New elites born out of chaos

Dominique Martin Morin

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The successive shocks that strike our time have acted as an indicator of men: the bland elites of yesteryear, suddenly rejected by the masses, went back silently into the void where they had first come from. This opportunist plutarchy, that maintained itself so far, thanks to the industry of lying, the targeted elimination of creative people, will soon be engulfed. Around these illusionists with no audience, the hidden alphas will begin to rise. Within a few months, alphas, forged in a new metal, invaded public space. How can it be explained? In troubled times, the hierarchies of peacetime had left, suddenly, a place to the atomisation of individuals. Chaos then allows the individual alphas to rise to power. Like a pack of wolves, these alphas quickly take the lead of small human groups organising themselves into rival packs. The French Revolution is a striking example of this evolution: the masters of yesterday were relegated because of their unsuitability.
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