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Box N°16 The Beautiful Dolls Of Julia Are Visiting The Cathedral And The Churches Of Troyes

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Les Belles Poup

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It was during a Spiritual Retirement that Julia realized in the year 2007, in a Convent of Franciscan Priests, in Orsay, in France, that Julia received the inspiration to write this Collection of Multimedia - books.
It was during a prayer to our Blessed Holy Mary and to reading a little paper that she has find in a little book, with the Mysteries of the Rosary that she has received the inspiration, to write this Collection of Multimedia Books about the “Beautiful Dolls around the world” and the Mysteries of the Rosary.
To read and to know the " Mysteries of the Rosary "; we can know the life of our father “ Jesus Christ” and of our mother Blessed “Virgin Mary” and this spiritual experience can help us to work for a better world where the Dignity of the Humanity will be supported.
Why the name of Holy - Paris ?
Mrs. Julia-Josefa-Patricia SANCHEZ has imagined this name, because to be able to survive different proofs that God make with her, during thirty-one years of her life in Paris.
She participated every morning to the Holy Mass in the Churches of Paris and in the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Paris.
To receive the Eucharistic of our Lord and the advices and conversations with the Holy Priests, help to her, to survived to the different spirituals and materials proofs of her life.
In this Multimedia Collection “ The Beautiful Dolls of Julia – Holy Paris”, the children will be able to look, to hear, to listen and to play with the pictures of different typical, Dolls from different countries, different states, different religions, races and cultures. Also, they will be able to read the testimony of Julia's catholic faith from she was a little girl and an adult woman.
Mrs. Julia-Josefa-Patricia Sánchez has worked during nine years at the Fundamental Researches in Linguistic Education's and Art’s Sciences.
Mrs. Julia-Josefa-Patricia Sánchez works in this Collection, since the date that she created her Publishing Company in Paris, in December 2008.
The books, CD AUDIO and DVD are written, translated, printed, published and decorated by Mrs. Julia-Josefa-Patricia SANCHEZ and thanks to the help of the suppliers of her Company and sometimes the help of her mother.
Mrs. Julia-Josefa-Patricia SANCHEZ has realized a Beautiful Collection of Pictures that represents the Cultural Heritage of the Universe.
Mrs. Julia-Josefa-Patricia SANCHEZ has never received a subsidy of the Department of the Culture of France, not either of the Education and the Department of Researches of the Government of France or from the European Union.
It’s only, thanks to her faith and her prayer, that Julia has realized this Work.

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