Atlas of French Vineyards (Anglais)
Éditions Ouest-France
Date de publication
Histoire - Atlas
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26 x 20 x 0 cm
204 g

Atlas of French Vineyards (Anglais)


Éditions Ouest-France

Histoire - Atlas

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This atlas, complete and synthetic, will allow you to discover, locate and better know the great French wine terroirs and their many subdivisions and denominations.
It offers a complete tour of France listing ail of our controlled designations of origin (ex-PD O). You will meet and recognize some great mythical names of course, but also a multitude of terroirs, designations and regional and local denominations that contribute to the variety, the great wealth and the reputation of the French wine heritage in the world.
Numerous maps, indications of grape varieties, rankings, a glossary and an index will complete this book to put in ail the kitchens and within easy reach of ail the curious and amateurs of the French vineyards!

In the same collection, Patrick Mérienne also designed and carried out the World Atlas, the Atlas of the 196 States of the World, the Junior World Atlas, the Historical Atlas of the World, the Atlas of the Flags of the World, the World Atlas of the Middle Ages, the Atlas of the 28 States of the European Union, the Atlas of the Explorers and Discoveries, the Atlas of the Regions of France, the Tourist Atlas of France, the Atlas of the History of France, the Atlas of the vineyards 0f Alsace and of Lorraine and the Atlas of vineyards of Bordeaux at Ouest-France Publishing.
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